Commercial Real Estate Appraisals

Commercial Appraisal Management

Integration 4.0, Inc. is an AMC and has an extensive network of Licensed Commercial General Appraisers and offers a full slate of commercial real estate appraisal options. Our panel of experienced Commercial General Appraisers consists of firms who are committed to meeting our high quality commercial real estate standards, turn times and customer service levels for commercial property appraisals.

I4.0 Inc. is a licensed AMC and ensures regulatory compliance with Dodd-Frank and AIR (Appraisal Independence Regulations).


The commercial appraisal process typically involves three approaches to value. These approaches are based on the following three facets:

1) Cost Approach - The current cost of replacing a commercial property less losses in value from deterioration and functional and economic obsolescence (accrued depreciation).

2) Sales Comparison Approach - The value indicated by recent sales of comparable commercial real estate properties in the marketplace.

3) Income Capitalization Approach - The market value that the commercial property's net earning power will support based upon a capitalization of net income, stabilization, and residual equity buildup.

I4.0 offers Commercial Real Estate Appraisals for:

  • Banks

  • Residential Income Property

  • Office Complexes

  • Office Condominiums

  • Convenient Stores

  • Full Appraisal Plans/Specs
  • Drug Stores

  • Office Towers

  • Regional Malls

  • Restaurants

  • Single Unit Office Buildings

  • Commercial Land Appraisals
  • Strip Malls

  • Gas Stations

  • Churches

  • Industrial

  • Limited Scope Narratives

  • Any Income Producing Property

   * If you're interested in our AMC Appraisal Services, please feel free to contact us for our current coverage areas.