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Integration 4.0 Inc. is an AMC based in Tennessee with corporate offices in Georgia and offers a program for residential home and commercial AMC real estate appraisals designed to deliver exactly what the client needs and would require if the AMC property appraisal services were handled internally. Our Home and Commercial Appraisal Management system provides a way for the client to continue the use of their preferred licensed home or commercial real estate appraisers on their approved list. I4.0 Inc. acts as a third party firewall who handles ordering, tracking and retrieving of property appraisals needed during the loan processing.

A big part of home and commercial real estate appraisal management (AMC) is the relationship with the real estate appraisers. At I4.0 Inc. we actually like our licensed appraisers. To us they are a very important part of our property appraisal team and we treat them as such.

As for quality our initial QC process isn't put in place to criticize the appraisers work; it's used to help the real estate appraiser present a better report to the financial lender. We QC proofread every report and go back immediately to the appraiser for corrections before the report is ever seen by the lender. We act as their assistant correcting typographical errors, missing information and other issues we can find. In our opinion the better we make them look the better we all look.

We are in complete compliance with Appraiser Independence Regulations (A.I.R.). Also we are very aware of customary and reasonable fee issues and believe we have one of the best residential and commercial appraiser compensation structures in the appraisal industry.

I4.0 Inc. Appraisal Management System offers:

1) Licensed Real Estate Appraisers placed in managed rotation, grading each licensed appraiser on quality, turnaround time and pricing in a customized scorecard system.

2) 24-hour around the clock communication with the financial lending institution, the licensed real estate home appraiser and processing staff.

3) Notification through our Appraisal Management System for additional property appraisal information, any home appraisal issues, receipts of orders and complete orders.

4) Stored appraiser documentation required by the financial lending institution including licenses, qualifications, E & O Insurance and real-time scorecards.

5) I4.0 Inc. provides an administrative quality control check on each residential or commercial appraisal completed. The QC forms are customizable to each financial institution's individual residential/home or commercial appraisal needs.

6) Our pricing is simplified compared to the typical real estate appraisal industry standard. I4.0 Inc. completes all work on an actual cost of the appraisal plus the I4.0 Inc. processing fee.

I4.0 Inc. is a licensed AMC and ensures regulatory compliance with Dodd-Frank, AIR (Appraisal Independence Regulations) and Customary and Reasonable fee regulations.

   * If you're interested in our AMC Appraisal Services, please feel free to contact us for our current coverage areas.